Our eldest will soon be 4 (where does the time go?!) and he has requested not just any party but a SPIDERMAN party…

Enter Pinterest!

Punch “Spiderman party” into Pinterest and you’ll be greeted with a plethora of Spidey-related food and decor inspo. So much so that my head now feels like its full of the webs that Spidey is so fond of. Do I go with the spider webs made from black garbage bags? The Green Goblin punch? The lifesize Spiderman pinata?

There really are so many choices available now when planning a kids party. We have been to a reptile party with real live snakes & lizards, a Wiggles party, parties with face painting, kindy farm, ball pits, Elsa & Anna from Frozen painting faces and belting out the “Let It Go” song repeatedly to the delight of their pre-school audience. You name it.

When it comes to food the options are endless too. From mini spider web pizzas to red & blue layered jellies, strawberries with hand drawn Spidey eyes and of course a Spiderman cake. Plus some of our yummy finger food to keep the parents happy too. I probably will pass on the “spider eggs” (pictured below) at the risk of sending my 4 year old audience running to the hills.

On second thoughts maybe I’ll just hire another caterer and let the kids loose in the backyard with some silly string. Watch this space!